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The Project Affero's mission is to bring a culture of patronage to the Internet.

What is the Affero Project?

Affero's software project was created to facilitate funding for Free Software and Open Source projects and to facilitate more effective dialogue among groups. For details on the roots of the project, read the Poole View. To see current community standings, visit

The project has been built using PHP , PostgreSQL , and Smarty , and can be found running on Apache and GNU /Linux at Various individuals who host bulletin boards, forums and mailing lists have begun to integrate the service into their communities. Also, some individuals have expressed interest in using affero's rating and payment service in blogs and bug reporting systems. To learn more about integrating Affero into your community, join the affero-links mailing list to stay current on these developments.

Affero's software is openly available to any person or organization under the terms of the Affero General Public License.

The Affero project is supported by CivicActions, a Drupal consulting firm.

System Overview

Affero combines a peer based reputation system with a commerce system. It enables individuals to rate other individuals and make payments on their behalf. The rating system could be compared to the karma system provided on slashdot, although all member have equal access to rate others. Basically, any person can rate another person's contribution.

Also, the system doesn't come bundled with any particular forum or community platform, so any independent community host can integrate the services and individuals can share reputation across various communities.

For the Quick Tour and other demonstrations on how individuals experience using affero, go here

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